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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit

All our homes require a permit. At Snowgum Homes we obtain permits for your home. Come in to discuss what permit is required for your build.

Are connections included

Connections of the sewerage, water, electricity and gas are not included in the base price. Water and electricity will need to be connected to the junction boxes on the home while sewerage and gas will need to be run from the floor level of the home. We can quote this into your job if needed.

What does the home sit on

The home usually sits on concrete bored piers, screw piles or concrete blocks, depending on individual circumstance. Each method is certified by our engineer and approved by our building surveyor.

Are the homes insulated

The homes are insulated. Insulation is standard to the external walls, in the ceiling and under the floor. The windows may also be doubled glazed to further insulate the home as a further option.

What extras can I choose

The possibilities are endless. Extras such as tinted windows, raked ceilings, decking, down lights and upgraded floor covering are popular additions.

What floor coverings are included

Included in the base price of your home is vinyl flooring and carpet, with a wide range of colors and textures to chose from.

Upgrades can include, tiles and floor boards with a wide range to choose from.

How far do you deliver

Destinations can be Victoria wide and sometimes beyond. Destinations will be quoted individually.

Do you offer a guarantee

All our homes have a 7 year builder's guarantee. All fixtures and appliances are covered by their respective manufacturer's warranty.

How long does it take to build a granny flat and/or home

After plans and permits have been approved, construction time is approximately 16 weeks.

Do you build on site or in a factory

The majority of our homes are built in our purpose built facility in Sunshine, however, in some instances we may need to build on site. This is usually established in the initial stages of enquiry.

Do you have disability facilities

We do cater for disabled amenities. Some of the options are:

Wider door ways, ramps, recessed shower bases, disabled toilets suits, custom bench heights and safety grab rails for shower and toilets. All these are discussed during the initial enquiries. We always cater for the individual person's requirements.

Can we alter the plans

Most definitely! We have some plans to choose from, however, most of our homes are custom built, and we take great pride in knowing that our flexibility and service is what our customers come to us for.

Do you have a choice of colours and materials

We are very accommodating and flexible in our range of colors and materials.

Can Snowgum Homes build on sloping sites

Our homes are made on a steel chassis so sloping sites are not a problem. The footings are leveled in place and the home is simply craned on site.

I have my own plans and design of what I want

Most of our homes are custom built. Our staff are happy to look over the design and discuss how we can achieve the home that you want.

Where can I see a Snowgum Home

To get a feel for what we do at Snowgum homes, we would love you to make an appointment to visit our factory in Sunshine West so that we can show you around. We always have a number of houses under construction at various stages of completion within our manufacturing facility to show you the building process. Here you will see the great detail and workmanship that goes into building a Snowgum Home.

Are transportable homes just as strong as a site built home

Transportable homes are specifically engineered to be stronger as they have to withstand movement and transportation. The floor structure is made as a steel chassis and the walls have extra bracing to make it stronger.

What is a dependent person

A dependent person is a person who is dependent on the resident of the existing dwelling. There are no restrictions on age, physical or mental disability. For example, A DPU (dependent person's unit) can be built for your adult children, teenagers and elderly parents. A DPU is often called a granny flat.

What are the progress payment requirements for Snowgum Homes

Deposit 5%

Base stage 10%

Frame stage 15%

Lock up stage 35%

Fixing Stage 25%

Completion at factory 10%

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